Amazon Interested in Purchasing Slack

Hello, and welcome to my business and industry blog. Lots of people like Amazon, even more people like money and even more people like chatting, so this story should appeal to everyone. Slack, the popular chat platform is on the market and one of the companies interested in none other than internet sales giant Amazon. The business messaging service has been used in countless platforms across the world, ranging from Harvard University, to Samsung, to BuzzFeed. The platform has had very gracious backing from investors, with an estimated $540 million USD invested in the company and a full $200 million of that coming from last April alone. Now these investors are looking at cashing in, big time.

How Much is Slacking Worth?

Bloomberg’s sources are reporting that an acquisition could be worth over $9 billion USD, but they also say Slack might not accept those offers. Amazon is currently sitting as the only ‘Big 5’ out of the US tech companies to not have their own messaging service, so they might be determined enough to force a deal. With Slack having over 5 million daily users including 1.5 million paid users, that could bring a completely new avenue to Amazon’s business road plan. When a company manages to garner so much following both financially and fanatically, it is hard to imagine they would want to let it go easily. Since the rumors of Amazon's desire to purchase the company came out their stock price has dropped by almost half a point. Slack on the other hand is worth more than ever, if they can continue to stay private that is.