Are logo designs really that important ?

Are logo designs really that important ?


A logo is a simple, yet functional design  to help people find and identify your business,. but for a logo to be successful, the company itself must be a known and trusted brand. As humans we have 5 senses, with vision being our most used, and by a long way. Therefore logos and brand recognition are vital for a successful business and it’s marketing campaigns.  Some of the world's multinational corporations spend millions on their logos. Back in 2000, UK oil giant BP spent are reported $200m on it’s current sunflower design. However, most corporations and their customers have trouble accepting a new logo, as human beings we generally don’t like change. A good trademark or logo,, gains power, meaning and loyalty over time.


Clothing manufacturer, Gap, had a disaster back in 2010, when they launched a new logo. Their huge, loyal, customer base hated it. This forced them to revert to their previous logo and obviously cost them millions of dollars.


Some experts believe a company logo should successfully express a company's values - greener, stronger, quality, reliability  and so on.


As customers grow to recognise, like and trust a specific brand, they react positively when they encounter the logo. This will certainly lead to increased sales and a much improved market share. A clear, precise and visually nice logo will navigate new customers to your organisation, regardless of the industry vertical.


The most important thing is once you have established your logo and brand, like Nike’s swoosh, do not change it, as Gap did. As I said earlier, we don’t like change!