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Hello my friends. If you hadn’t have guessed it already, this is Garish with my blog about jobs, business and commerce in India. My last blog post was about Stat-Up India, I hope you enjoyed it. There are lots of good things happening in our country as far as business is concerned and we should all be very excited about it. There is some news about that coming soon as well, but that will be my next entry, maybe ;)


This post is going back towards technology and what kind of pieces of technology make it easy in todays business world. I had a good long discussion about laptops last time and I hope it helped some of you. This time is going to be along a similar path, mobile phones.


Every businessman needs a good mobile phone to compliment his business that is on the go 24/7. It’s important that you receive that important email as and when it is sent, and you can’t do that on substandard phones or phones that are not smartphones. I’ve tried to function with even cheap smartphones for my business and they are just not worth the money. Maybe they are OK for the average consumer, but for someone who needs power and speed on the move, you really need to be looking at the higher end of the spectrum. I’m talking latest Samsung’s iPhones, HTC’s, Googles, etc. To be honest though Huawei have been making some very nice flagship models lately so they deserve to get a mention as well. I’m also going to give special mentions to phones that have long battery lives, so that you don’t have to be plugging that charger in every few hours.


So today I am going to be giving you a small run through of what I think are the best business mobile phones on the market today, and perhaps a cheaper option in there that should just about get you through the business day without a hitch.


Huawei Ascend Mate 2 is a great phone with an exceptional battery life, nearly 15 hours of it.  It has a 6” screen which is perfect for business men who can’t deal with 4 or 5” screens. It is 4G compatible and really is a smart choice for a mobile phone.

Google Nexus 6P 

Another great option for longer battery life is the Google Nexus 6P. It also comes with Androids very latest software; Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The advantage of Google phones is that you get your updates much faster than other brands, which is a huge draw for business people across the globe. The battery life is over 12 hours as well, another big winner. The fingerprint scanner is top notch and the voice commands are exceptional. A very nice phone. The Google Nexus 5X is also a good choice of you can’t deal with the 6” screen of the 6P. The battery life isn’t quite as long (around 11 and a half hours) but most of the the other features remain. Still a nice phone!

iPhone 6 Plus 

The iPhone 6 Plus is of course going to get a mention, just because it’s the latest iPhone. The battery life isn’t quite a long as the phones I have already been talking about but it’s still quoted as being up to 10 hours, which is still one of the best performances you can get from a phone of this quality. The phone just oozes quality and I have had one since they released it. How can they improve to the iPhone 7??? Who knows!

Samsung S5 

The Samsung S5 is still a very good phone and with a near 10 hour battery life it deserves a place on this list. The display is excellent and the phone has expandable memory, a feature missing off the S6. The battery is also removable! Yes, removable! In a day where it seems fashionable to have batteries that nobody can get to.

OnePlus One 

The OnePlus One also deserves a quick mention, as it has a battery life of over 13 hours!!! The specs are up to scratch with the S5 and the iPhone 5s too. Not to be sniffed at!


If you are looking for a good phone that is maybe too expensive or looking for a cheaper option of a good phone (like used or second-hand) then I can recommend a good site that you can find lots of mobile phones. I noticed some very good deals on the iPhone 5s and an HTC Desire. Very much worth a look!!! J