How to make an Impression at your Next Job Interview

How to make an Impression at your Next Job Interview

Hello everyone, welcome back to my business and industries blog. I'm sorry I have been absent lately, but I had to take some time off and focus on real life. I have some good news though, I got a new job! I am now working as an associate director for an architectural firm that I helped start 15 years ago. I took a big break from that world, and it feels good to be back. I'm still keeping my frugal lifestyle though, I had to buy all my suits used from but they are some amazing suits. I had to do a lot of interviews before I got talking with these guys, so I wanted to put all the tips people gave me together on here so that anyone else looking for a job can see these tips that helped me.



Bring a Briefcase

Unless you are going to be a fry cook, you want to have an air of professionalism when you walk into your interview. Something that can really set you apart from everyone else who made sure to groom themselves and wear a suit is to look like you belong there and have all your documents in a briefcase. You can get a cheap briefcase online from somewhere like that looks a little fancy and have everything in there instead of some colored plastic folder.

Get a nice Suit

As I said before, you want to seem professional. Other than looking prepared, you want to look the part. Don’t come in with baggy jeans and a branded t-shirt. In fact, even avoid wearing obviously branded suits. You want to wear a nice suit of course, but not too nice. Try to find a nice second hand suit vest (try or suit that fits, it will make you still look professional but also not make it look like you have money to burn.

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Read up on your interviewer

In today's modern age, you can find out almost everything about someone using only their real name. You can use sites such as LinkedIn to research your interviewer, the company, and your hopeful role. You can also use this to view previous and current workers at the company, which is very helpful in finding out if you have any previous connections you didn’t know about.

Use your Connections

Did you notice that your interviewer worked with your uncle for a couple years? Or maybe you went to the same school. Try to make any connection you can with your interviewer without seeming to clingy. Business connections are vital in securing a top position in any company, and moving up from that point.

Good Luck

To any of you taking this advice for an upcoming interview, good luck! I have faith in you. For any of you putting this in your pocket for the next time you on the hunt, good luck as well! I hope this has provided some good tips for job seekers, thanks for supporting me after the long break. If you want to support me even more, check out my post on logo design. See you soon!

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