My Job

My Job

Welcome back to my blog, this is Garish. I wanted to tell you a little bit about where I work as I love my current job working in Computers & Technology.

I currently work for a famous company called Qualcomm. They are a world leader in next generation mobile technologies. We play a huge part in connecting people to information and entertainment throughout India and the world. We provide wireless devices and other services to our customers in a personal and affordable way.

My current role is basically working as an IMS software engineer. I already had M.Tech qualifications, a good prior working experience and had spent a lot of time developing my computer programming skills. I had a good understanding of computer architecture, OS concepts, OS internals and data protocol development. On top of that I had some experience in multithreaded programming, memory systems, test strategies and mobility concepts.

This allowed me to apply for a position here earlier in the year. I have already had one promotion since I began here. It is ranked globally as one of the best companies to work for and I must say that I’m very happy here.

If you are interested in a similar job and have similar experience, then you could look at applying. The company is currently taking on more staff in the Bangalore division so check out their web site. They may also be recruiting in other areas throughout India.

I can highly recommend a career here which has great promotional prospects for the future with potential high earning.