Which HP Laptop should I buy?

Which HP Laptop should I buy?

I’ve always been a big fan of HP laptops and have owned quite a few over the years. Its’ now time to purchase a new laptop so I’ve been weighing-up the pros and cons of each model to see which one I should buy. I’ve been looking at their range on the HP Website which is pretty extensive. I’m after a Laptop primarily for Business purposes but want something that performs well all-round if possible.

What is the best budget HP 2-in-1 Laptop?

I’ve not got a tablet but I do like the idea of them. I suppose the problem is that they lack some of the functions and practicalities of a laptop. The HP Pavilion x2 10t is HP’s solution to the problem. The question is, is this a tablet with detachable keyboard, or laptop with a removable screen? It’s basically a 10.1-inch laptop according to HP which packs a big punch for such a small machine. Even though it’s a budget laptop, its plastic frame looks sturdier than other budget laptops. The battery life is very good at 9.5 hours of usage from a single charge. The problem you’ve obviously got is undersized keys which is no good if your using it for word-processing.

So what’s the best HP available for Students?

The Pavillion x2 may not be good for students but the HP Stream 13 is designed with them in mind. This is the larger of HP’s affordable streamline laptops with a 13-inch screen. It has a lovely smooth performance in a larger but still very attractive package. The DTS Studio Sound Speakers have a good sound. You also get a free subscription to Office 365 Personal and 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive. Perfect for working on the go.

What is the best HP 2-in-1 Laptop?

Back to laptop/tablet combos. The best that HP has to offer in this area is the Pavilion x360 11. It has an attractive aluminium chassis compared to the cheaper more budget Pavilion x2. It comes with the Bang & Olufsen’s new B&O Play software which helps to deliver really strong audio. The powerful Intel Core M processor runs lovely and smooth. The 7-hour battery life isn’t bad either. It’s not like this will set you back a lot of money and although it’s not as cheap as the x2 it’s still classed as a budget choice.

What’s the best HP Business Laptop?

The HP EliteBook Folio 1020 is a very nice looking laptop. It has a 12.5inch screen and a powerful Intel Core M processing chip. It comes with some cool additions like a fingerprint reader and a pressure-sensitive touchpad. The quad HD display looks amazing with any kind of Media. It meets military standards when it comes to resisting heat, cold, dust and accidental drops. It costs a bit of money but for what you get its worth it. A really good all-rounder.

What’s the best HP workstation Laptop?

The ZBook 15u G2 is a powerful workstation but still has the looks. It packs a 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 processor and AMD FirePro M4170 GPU. It really does have top quality performance. If your photo or video editing, using CAD or whatever, the colourful and accurate 15-inch 1080p display won’t disappoint. The design is sleek and lightweight. One of the best HP has to offer at the moment.

Fancy something different?

The HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook is designed with fans of Star Wars in mind. It comes with 30GB of Star Wars content to keep the biggest of fans happy. The 15-inch laptop has a unique design that looks like a piece of equipment the Empire’s Death Star would use. It has solid specs with a Core i5 or Core i7 processor depending on what model you choose and also comes with an optional NvIdia GeForce 940M graphics card which will help you to enjoy all that Star Wars content as well as watching your favourite media or playing your favourite games.

So which one should I buy and where?

It really does depend what your after as to which one you buy just like the write-ups I’ve given, tell you. I suppose I’m after a workstation that does it all but I’m not sure if I can afford the latest models. I’ve been searching this second-hand website for old/used laptops for sale (follow the link). If you check out the first page of results, there’s a few 7th generation HP laptops available that look really nice and have great specs. They’re pretty much brand new so you get a lot more for less money. I might be going for one of these. I want something that I can use for my work so the Business Elite Book was a consideration but a nice workstation should cover all bases.

OK, well I’m going to keep comparing and see what I decide on. Hopefully by my next post I’ll be able to reveal which one I’ve gone for if I can hurry-up and make-up my mind.

Thanks for reading.